Friday, April 20, 2012

Leading Growth Stocks Performance this week

How do I define a stock as a leading stock.  A strong believer in momentum and fundamentals while picking a stock for swing.  The smaller the list the better.  The criteria is as follows

1) stock should be up 20% in a quarter
2) price over $15
3) Average trading volume over 200K
4) EPS qtr over qtr > 30%
5) Sales qtr over qtr > 15%
6) ROE over 15%

There are several free tools available to scan for Leading stocks.  Finviz is one such tool I use a lot.

Leading Stocks FinViz Screener

The market is in a correction mode. Exhibit patience and wait for the stock to consolidate and setup.  Always use proper position sizing and stop loss.  

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