Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Portfolio - the best indicator of market action

The markets staged a nice recovery today after almost retesting the lows made a couple of days ago.  Shorts were on the run for cover.  When you are playing for a bounce after SPX made a low around 1295 zone and when the market action is choppy, one of the best indicators on whether the bounce would stick or not is your portfolio.  When you get stopped out of your positions is when you have to be cautious of initiating any new positions.  Some of the positions I took on the long side SWI, FIRE, WNR, DRI all held up well and some even staged upside breakout albeit on below average volume which is a concern.  In situations like this it is best to keep your profit target low perhaps around 5-10%.  We need to see some huge buying supported by breadth thrust for this market to stage a solid recovery to the upside.  Always trade what you see, do not fight the trend and use proper risk management, position sizing and honor your stops.  

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